Apart from being one of Italy’s leading companies, Boglioli is a family. The trace, left from the founder and of those who have succeeded in the guide of what began as a simple tailor’s shop and then became a reference in the world of fashion, is present, inevitable and noticeable.This genesis has signified much to the brand. On one hand the company has developed very similarly to the Boglioli family, known for its reliable, persevering and active personality; on the other hand considering human relationships fundamental. The bond which ties the people operating in Boglioli, and especially the relationship which has been established between the former and the company, determines a major value.An intense cohesion and aim has acted as a fertile ground on which establish a technological research, thus especially in the field of industrial processes. This, in particular, has allowed the company to experiment and manufacture the creative inspirations of Pierluigi Boglioli.

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