Church’s was founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons Alfred, William and Thomas Jr. Church’s is a shoe manufacturer based in Northampton, not far from London, in a county which has been the centre of a leather and footwear industry since the Middle Ages.In the space of a few years, Church’s went from a backyard workshop into a respectable company for high-quality footwear throughout the British Isles. One of the earliest styles, the Adaptable, won a Gold Medal at the 1884 Crystal Palace Exhibition. The Adaptable came in pairs of left and right. This was revolutionary at the time since most shoes from other companies were still sold as straights - identical pairs without lefts or rights. Soon Church’s grew and expanded outside Europe to other markets such as the United States, Canada and South America. It still takes up to eight weeks to produce a pair of Church’s shoes: each undergoes over 250 detailed manual operations before it leaves the factory in Northampton. All the production is hand-made. So all in all we can say it is an investment for life and with proper care and love they will last a lifetime

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