Kafka Print - Unframed Orange
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Kafka Print - Unframed Orange Thumbnail

Adam BridglandKafka Print - Unframed Orange

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Edition # 1

This is our first venture into the world of Art. Through David McCracken of Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, we commissioned British artist Adam Bridgland to come up with a print which reflected the “Spirit of the Independent” which we have always held close to our fundamental beliefs. Our business has been built on core values, providing good products with good service, product made by people who care, sold by people who care and finally invested in by people who care. These are values which you cannot reproduce in the mass market and therefore the independent is the spirit we will always follow. We feel Adam has captured our brief with the image of the Iceberg. The piece that has broken free from the mass .The austere emblem that reveals only a small piece of its beauty while the majority of its work goes unseen and unappreciated. As the Companies year of inception was 1990 we have have made 90 prints 45 Blue and 45 Orange these will all be numbered,signed by Adam and have our paper stamp. The prints can be obtained framed or unframed.

Dimensions 29.5" X 21.5"

(Framed £250, please email enquiries@kafka.co.uk for details)

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