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The story of Lanificio Cini began long, long ago. Harking back to the traditional, once-thriving and prosperous antique wool working arts of the Venetians. In 1830 Giacomo Tarma, then a producer of hemp rope, decided start a new business. Buildings between San Zan Degola╠Ç and the Grand Canal, in San Giacomo Dall’Orio, became home to a workshops where the production of rasse cloth, gondola covers and coarse blankets. From the beginnings of the company, Giacomo Tarma hired Francesco Cini, to work alongside him. When Tarma died in 1839, Francesco Cini was named as his sole heir. Giacomo Tarma had always had a strong conviction that Francesco Cini was the only person who could successfully carry on the business of the woollen mill. The company changed its name, becoming Ditta Francesco Cini erede di Giacomo Tarma. The business carried on in Venice until 1871. The factory transferred to Ceneda (now Vittorio Veneto), where new machinery was powered by the Meschio River. One century later, the company, still owned by the Cini family, returned to Venice. The old woollen mill’s name and business were transferred to Sandro Zara, with whom the Cini company had been collaborating for some time, and who also acquired the precious archives containing trade secrets concerning the different woollen fabrics. With the help of his family and other associates, Sandro Zara revived the enterprise, while respecting the centuries-old tradition. A select few clients around the world are able to purchase blankets, berets and clothing created according to the ancient Venetian wool- working tradition. Thanks to the invaluable historical company archives, these precious products of another age are recreated, rendering the collections of the Cini brand unique and eternal.

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