Arpenteur Men's Sale

Arpenteur clothing finds its essence rooted in the vintage French Work and Marine aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the serene beaches of Normandy to the sprawling lavender fields of the Pyrenees. This brand's creative journey is deeply entwined with its home country, France, evident in its commitment to crafting all items within its borders. Embracing the allure of tradition, Arpenteur intricately weaves time-honoured fabrics and employs age-old manufacturing techniques to bring their styles to life.
In their latest collection, a remarkable collaboration with Paraboot emerges, featuring the infusion of a ghillie lacing system into the iconic Chambord style. Arpenteur consistently impresses with its unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity, preserving the intrinsic honesty of its creations. Notably, the brand collaborates with French artist Regic, a master of "Ligne Claire," a style of art famously championed by Hergé in the Adventures of Tintin. The resulting fusion is nothing short of magnifique, encapsulating a harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary artistic prowess.

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