Engineered Garments Men's Sale

The genesis of Engineered Garments finds its roots in a unique origin story. The brand's appellation was inspired by a skilled pattern maker enlisted to create the initial set of patterns. Her assertion that the garments weren't merely designed, but intricately engineered, resonated deeply. This sentiment was shared by the collection's designer, Daiki Suzuki. The assemblage draws upon a tapestry of influences, weaving together elements from American sportswear, outdoor attire, and military uniforms, resulting in a distinctive fusion of practical and unique detailing, a rarity in contemporary American sportswear. Growing up in Japan, Daiki Suzuki held a reverence for American sportswear—a sentiment that ignited his aspiration. Engineered Garments strives to craft garments that encapsulate that cherished essence, becoming an extension of the wearer's identity through the journey of wearing them. Each piece is a testament to the brand's commitment to amalgamating craftsmanship, functionality, and sentimental resonance.

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