Sage De Cret

Sage De Cret, a moniker embodying "Sensible" and "Order," encapsulates the ethos of Kimitoshi Chida's brand. This label resonates with these qualities, evident in every facet of its craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from the annals of historical Worker and Military aesthetics, Kimitoshi deftly amalgamates fabrics and styles, culminating in a harmonious union. His meticulous approach extends to the finishing touches, where each piece undergoes an appropriate treatment, whether it's garment dyeing or a simple launder, artfully softening and bestowing character upon the garment.
The garments themselves stand as an epitome of simplicity and functionality, bearing witness to Kimitoshi's meticulous attention to detail—a trait perfectly aligned with the demands of today's design-savvy, modern lifestyle. Sage De Cret exemplifies a convergence of timeless style and contemporary functionality, with each piece narrating a story of thoughtful design, imbued with historical reverence and an acute sense of modernity.

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