German Cotton Basics by Merz B. Schwanen

Peter Plotnicki began the revival of Merz B. Schwanen when a fated encounter led him to the humble origins of the Swabian Jura brand. Located in the original factory, Merz B. Schwanen produces garments with over a century of character and history, having been formed in 1911. Perhaps the most luxurious and well made cotton basics in the world, Merz B. weaves dedication and carries authentic craftsmanship into each garment. Woven entirely on circular knitting machines from the twenties to golden fifties, each garment is lovingly made. Made without compromise, everything from the buttons, woven label and packaging are made in Germany. Incredibly, the labels adorned on each garment are crafted from hand made punch cards on 19th century jacquard looms. This truly is a high quality product and I do not think you can appreciate the quality until you actually wear a piece. All Merz products really are simple things done really, really well.

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