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Established in 1988, "DENIME" is a brand that delivers on the concept of "real basic". Attention is placed by Warehouse & Co. , Japan, to recreate the original and authentic and even to surpass the quality of the original Basic styles to present garments which will stay with, and be a part of your story for years to come. The brand name derives from, "Serge de Nimes" (the fabric of Nimes, France, developed in the 15th Century). Denime partnered up with Kurabo, a pioneer of Japanese denim to develop denim with selvedge, which is the one of the most important characteristics of vintage jeans ."DENIME" laid the foundation for Japanese jeans to be supported all over the world. 2023 is the, the 35th year since the brand was founded and "DENIME" goes back to its origin, thoroughly researching the earliest models and reproducing them with the experience and knowledge cultivated by WAREHOUSE & Co. denim company.

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