Established in 2004, Apolis, spearheaded by brothers Raan and Shea Parton, embodies the transformative power of businesses as agents of societal progress. The pivotal year marked the inception of their visionary concept: the synergy between entrepreneurship and societal betterment. Drawing insights from their overseas expeditions, the brothers were profoundly moved by narratives of resilience and triumph amid adversity. These experiences catalysed the formulation of a unique business paradigm, seamlessly amalgamating commerce with socio-economic advancement.
A defining facet of Apolis is its resolute dedication to worldwide advocacy. This commitment harmonises with their acute awareness of the significance of localised sourcing and production. Their collaborations extend globally, transcending borders to unite with manufacturers in locales ranging from Uganda and Peru to Bangladesh and even their home base of Los Angeles. The Parton siblings ingeniously employ their "advocacy through industry" model, enabling individuals to chart their destinies independently.
Apolis, a trailblazer in the realm of conscientious entrepreneurship, stands testament to the potency of aligning business acumen with humanitarian principles.

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